1. Accounting / Finance

    The Office of the Town Accountant helps protect the financial interests of the Town by providing independent oversight of the Town's finances and by ensuring that financial transactions are executed legally, efficiently, and effectively.

  2. Animal Control

    The mission of Animal Control is to provide safe, humane shelter for unwanted, stray, abused, and impounded animals in accordance with State regulations.

  3. Ashland Public Library

    Learn about the services provided by the Ashland Public Library.

  4. Assessor's Office

    The Assessor's Office maintains the assessing records for all properties within the Town of Ashland.

  5. Conservation

    The Conservation Office oversees wetlands permits and stormwater permits for the Town of Ashland.

  6. Department of Public Works

    The Department of Public Works is responsible for a vast array of Town infrastructure services.

  7. Economic Development

  8. Elder Services

    Ashland Elder Services promote the independence and well-being of the Town’s valued senior citizen community.

  9. Facilities Management

    Facility Management assures the ongoing maintenance and quality care of Ashland's public municipal facilities, buildings, and offices.

  10. Fire Department

    Visit the Ashland Fire Department page to learn about personnel, burning permits, and more.

  11. Health

    The Board of Health is dedicated to the prevention of disease in the community.

  12. Human Resources

  13. Information Technology (IT)

    Ashland's Municipal Information Technology (IT) Department is dedicated to providing and supporting reliable technologies and technology-based services in a timely, high-quality, cost-effective manner to all clients of its municipal government.

  14. Inspection Services

    The mission of the department of Inspection / Development Services is to ensure that the built environment within the Town of Ashland is a safe place for citizens to live, work, do business, learn, worship and be entertained.

  15. Planning

    The Planning Board upholds and implements the community's development policies through the review and approval of, among other things, subdivision plats, site plans and special permit applications.

  16. Police Department

    The mission of the Police Department is to promote an atmosphere of partnership with the community, working together toward the common goal of protecting life and property.

  17. Recreation

    The Ashland Recreation Department is a rapidly growing amenity to the town. We offer a wide variety of programs year round for the community.

  18. Town Clerk

    It is the mission of the Office of the Town Clerk of Ashland to be a provider of information and offer quality services to the community with a customer focused attitude.

  19. Town Manager

    Ashland's Town Manager is the Chief Administrative and Fiscal Officer for the Town.

  20. Treasurer / Collector

    The Treasurer/Collector is responsible for the billing, collecting, and investing of all Town funds including real estate and personal property taxes, motor vehicle excises, water/sewer bills, as well as a myriad of miscellaneous departmental service charges, permits, licenses, and fees.

  21. Veterans Services

    State and local government leaders wanted to recognize service in the armed forces by providing certain essential benefits to men and women (both living and deceased) who had borne the burden of military duty—and to their families.

  22. Youth & Family Services

    Youth and Family Services provides advocacy and social service programs to youth and their families in the Town of Ashland.