Boards & Commissions A - H

Municipal boards and committees which fall under Open Meeting Law can request an informational webpage by emailing the Town Clerk.
  1. Affordable Housing Trust

    The Ashland Affordable Housing Committee’s mission is to sponsor and assist the Board of Selectmen in the development of affordable housing opportunities for persons of low and moderate income.

  2. Ashland Cable Access Corporation

    View members information for the Ashland Cable Access Corporation.

  3. Ashland Cultural Council

    The mission of the MCC and its local cultural council partners is "to promote excellence, access, education and diversity in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences, in order to improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents and to contribute to the economic vitality of our communities.

  4. Ashland Day Committee

    The Ashland Day Committee organizes the annual town pride day usually on the 3rd Saturday in September.

  5. Ashland Democratic Town Committee

    View the committee members and their term limits.

  6. Ashland Parent Advisory Council (ASHPAC)

    View member information.

  7. Ashland Redevelopment Authority

    Learn about the authority and it's members.

  8. Ashland Republican Town Committee

    Learn about the committee members and the term limits.

  9. Board of Assessors

    The Board of Assessors in each city and town in the state of Massachusetts is required by law to list and value all real and personal property.

  10. Board of Health

    The Board of Health is dedicated to the prevention of disease in the community.

  11. Board of Library Trustees

    Learn about the board and it's members.

  12. Board of Registrars

    View the Board of Registrars that are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.

  13. Board of Selectmen

    The Board of Selectmen acts as the Town’s Chief Executive Body responsible for the general welfare of the Community. Specific powers and responsibilities of the Board of Selectmen are set forth in the Town's Charter.

  14. Cable Advisory Committee

    View information about the committee members and terms.

  15. Capital Improvement Committee

    View member information and term limits.

  16. Charter Review Committee

    For information about the committee

  17. Community Preservation Committee

    View the members of the committee and term limits.

  18. Comprehensive Plan Advisory Group

    Learn about the group and what they do.

  19. Comprehensive Plan Committee

    The Comprehensive Plan Committee will be reaching out to all stakeholders in Ashland to gather input for the new Comprehensive Plan.

  20. Conservation Commission

    View commission member information and term limits.

  21. Conservation Restrictions Working Group

    Learn about the group and it's members.

  22. Council on Aging

    Learn about the council and the services that they provide.

  23. Design Review Committee

    View member information and term limits.

  24. Downtown Revitalization Collaborative

    Learn about the collaborative and it's members.

  25. Fields Management Group Ad-Hoc Committee

    Ashland Fields Management Group (AFMG) is a volunteer-run organization, appointed by the Ashland School Committee and the Board of Selectmen and reporting to the Ashland Board of Selectmen, dedicated to providing oversight and management for all fields in the Town of Ashland for field maintenance, field usage and field improvements.

  26. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee is the authorizing body for expenditures from the Reserve Fund, which are designated funds within the budget set aside for extraordinary and/or unforeseen expenditures, including deficits in snow and ice operations.

  27. Historical Commission

    The Ashland Historical Commission encourages residents to appreciate Ashland's fascinating history, protect its inventory of Colonial, Greek Revival Victorian, Craftsman, and Neo-colonial style architecture, and visit its historical landscapes such as Devil's Den, Pout Rock, the Witch's Cave and The Revolutionary War Cemetery.

  28. Housing Authority

    View the appointments for the Housing Authority.