Treasurer / Collector


The Treasurer/Collector is responsible for the billing, collecting, and investing of all Town funds including real estate and personal property taxes, motor vehicle excises, water/sewer bills, as well as a myriad of miscellaneous departmental service charges, permits, licenses, and fees.

The department is also responsible for the maintenance of all properties taken for nonpayment of taxes and for all public auction or disposition of all foreclosed properties. It administers and arranges for the timely disbursement of all payments to vendors, town employees, and retirees and is responsible for the administration of the Towns debt program.

Municipal Lien Certificates

The Treasurer/Collector's office upon written request, including a self addressed stamped envelope and payment of the $50 fee will provide a Municipal Lien Certificate for properties located within the town.

Fiscal Year Tax Rates

2018 Motor Vehicle Excise Taxes for commitment 1 are now past due.  They were due on 3/29/2018.  Demands include a $30 fee and will be mailed soon.

  Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm: Wednesday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and closed on Friday.  You can drive up & drop off your tax payment anytime from the convenience of your car using the drop-off box outside the Town Hall Building (no cash); If doing so, please enclose payment in an envelope with remittance slip.  Payments can also be made on-line by going to and clicking on “Online Bill Pay”.       A request to your bank to make an "online" payment directly from your bank actually results in a check being mailed to us.   Be aware that it may take 7-10 days for us to receive the check from your bank.  Please clearly indicated in the memo field the correct bill number you are paying since we will not have a copy of the bill.  If we are unable to process the check without the proper information the check will be returned to you.                                                                

4th Quarter 2018 Real Estate Taxes were due 5/1/2018