Fields Management Group Ad-Hoc Committee

About the Group
As of July 2014, this Board is no longer active, please contact Department of Public Works (DPW) for fields management inquiries.

The Ashland Fields Management Group (AFMG) will make every reasonable effort to treat all organizations, teams, and individuals using Fields in a fair and equitable manner when establishing priorities for use. Further, all players, coaches and spectators are required to abide by generally accepted standards of good sportsmanship and Ashland Public Schools core values. The AFMG will decide scheduling priorities based on the User Groups/Priority Usage Schedule.

Ashland Fields Management Group (AFMG) is a volunteer-run organization, appointed by the Ashland School Committee and the Board of Selectmen and reporting to the Ashland Board of Selectmen, dedicated to providing oversight and management for all fields in the Town of Ashland for field maintenance, field usage and field improvements. We believe that these fields, when properly used and maintained provide town pride, increase confidence and reinforce safety for the people who use the fields. They also encourage fitness and the development of physical skills and coordination. Most of all, Ashland fields can be very enjoyable for both the participants and their families.

This policy is intended to provide the framework for managing and prioritizing the usage of the recreational fields in the Town of Ashland, MA and has been approved by the Board of Selectmen, DPW, School Committee and Ashland Fields Management Group (AFMG). This policy will be administered by the Ashland Fields Management Group (AFMG) and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

No Animals Allowed
Animals are not Allowed on any Town Field or School Property at any time.