Frequently Asked Questions

There is a tree on my property within or near wetlands and I would like to have it removed or pruned.  What must I do to remove or prune this tree?
Contact the Conservation Agent, and schedule a site inspection.   Pending the results on the site inspection the agent may allow a property owner to remove or prune a tree. 

I have an older wetlands permit on my property and I have been told I need to close this out before I can sell my property.  How can I go about doing this?  
You will need to fill out and submit a WPA Form 8a: Request for Certificate of Compliance.  You will also need to submit an as-built plan, and a letter from an engineer certifying compliance with the permit that was issued.   A fee of $100.00 written to the Town of Ashland for single family lots must be submitted as well.  For all other projects, a fee of $250.00, must be submitted to the Town of Ashland. The form, plan, letter and fee must be submitted to the Ashland Conservation Commission.  A site inspection will be held by the Conservation Agent and the Request will be added to the next available Conservation Commission Meeting. 

I am looking to purchase a property in Ashland, is it in a floodplain?  
There are a few tools available to the public to use.  You can try PeopleGIS or MuniMapper

If you are having trouble, you can always call the Conservation Agent.

Please note that if the property that you are looking to purchase falls within a floodplain, it will also constitute protection under the Wetlands Protection Act and Bylaw.   Any work that you want to do within it, that will dredge, fill, alter or remove that area, would require permitting from the Ashland Conservation Commission.