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DPW Office Hours: M-F: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
David Manugian, Director of Public Works, x7941,
Roy Correia, Water Foreman, x7964,
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Town of Ashland has identified many old water meters that need to be replaced. This project will help get more accurate reads as well as leak detection if any.  We are in the process of calling in to residents so we can set up appointments to replace their old meters. If you'd like to know the status of your water meter, Click here for the most updated Map (Dec 2015). Note that all ARB, Badger, Touch Pad Meter types are old meters. If you do not have Adobe Reader or similar tool to download the map and would like to contact us for the status of your water meter. Please email us at

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The new Water By-law (updated September 9th, 2015) is available. Click here.
Our Reservoir Level is - 298.26 ft. Updated on January 25th, 2015

Please check this web page daily for updates.  We will be also updating the following sources of information:
  • home page
  • Our Water Ban Hot-line, 508-881-0107
  • Electronic message boards and other signage in Town
  • Signage on all streets entering the Town
  • Reverse 911/ Blackboard Connect (email notifications)
Once different conservation stages are announced, enforcement in accordance with chapter 270-9 of the Town Code will start shortly after.  This includes citations issued in the amount of $200 per violation.  It is the responsibility of Ashland water customers to comply with the Towns water use restrictions.

Policy Notice

Prior to Stage 1, It is the policy of the Department of Public Works to issue one warning prior to issuing violations. 
During Stage 1 or Stage 2, In accordance with chapter 270-9 of the Ashland Town Code, please be advised that the penalties for violations during these water restriction periods are as follows:
$200.00 per day for the first violation and for each subsequent use;
Upon the fifth violation water will be shut off;
Fines shall be recovered by indictment, or on complaint before the District Court, or by non-criminal disposition in accordance with section Massachusetts General Laws chapter 40 section 21D.
The Town may impose additional Stage 1 and Stage 2 restrictions based on reduced water levels at the Hopkinton reservoir.

If you have any questions, please contact Roy Correia – Water/ Sewer Foreman – at (508) 532-7964


Odd /Even Outdoor Watering - No Monday watering: Outdoor watering on property having an odd numbered address is restricted to Wednesday and Saturday. Outdoor watering on property having an even numbered address is restricted to Thursday, and Sunday.

Lawn Watering: Watering of lawns restricted to the hours between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am.  Watering shall be started on the day allowed and may run into the morning of the following day.

Beginning on May 2, 2013, there shall be no new in-ground irrigation systems permitted to be connected to the municipal water system. [Added 5-1-2013 ATM, Art. 23]

On or before July 1, 2016 all irrigation systems shall be equipped with rain gauges and programmable timers set to operate the system within the hours allowed under this section.  On or before July 1, 2017 all irrigation systems shall have a separate meter and backflow device.

STAGE 1 - Hopkinton Reservoir level below 295.85 
feet between the days of June 1st through August 31 each year. 
 a) Car washing: Car or vehicle washing is prohibited. 
 b) Automatic Sprinkler Use: The use of automatic sprinkler systems shall be limited to one weekend day(Saturdays for odd numbered houses and Sundays for even numbered houses). Watering hours remain 7PM of the select day until 7AM of the following day. 
 c) Ornamental Pools & Fountains: Operation of ornamental pools and fountains is prohibited 
 d) Swimming Pools: Filing and topping off of swimming pools with water from the municipal system is prohibited. 
 e) Hand watering is allowed on the two day a week schedule (Wednesdays and Saturdays for odd numbered houses and Thursdays and Sundays for even numbered houses).

STAGE 2 - Hopkinton reservoir level below 295.35 or daily use over 5.90 mg. 
a) All Stage 1 Restrictions. 
b) The Town, acting through the board of Selectmen as water commissioners, retains the right to impose additional restrictions with due notice to residents.