Comprehensive Plan Project Management Group

Board Members

Board membership is comprised of: 2 members of the Select Board, 2 members of the Planning Board, Town Manager and Town Planner. 

  • Yolanda Greaves
  • Michael Herbert
  • Catherine Jurczyk
  • Brandi Kinsman
  • Peter Matchak
  • Anna Tesmenitsky 

The Comprehensive Project Management Group is charged with working to develop a Request for Proposal for any consultant used as part of the Comprehensive Plan process.  Members are also charged with serving as a liaison between consultants and the soon to be formed Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, which will be made up of approximately 24 people. 

Please contact the group using this email address -

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Role

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee Members

Membership of the Steering Committee is made up of one representative from each of these committees. Affordable Housing Trust, Board of Health, Conservation Commission, Council on Aging, Cultural Council, DEI Task Force, Design Review Committee, Economic Development Advisory Committee, Historical Commission, Library Trustee's, Open Space and Recreation, School Committee, Sustainability Committee,  Town Forest Committee, Upper Charles Trail and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee also has a representative from each of of the six precincts as well as a student from Ashland High School.

  • Alan Galiwango - Affordable Housing Trust Representative
  • Ed Burman - Board of Health Representative
  • Carl Hakansson - Conservation Commission Representative
  • Steven Mitchell - Council on Aging Representative
  • Stacey Grant Lewis - Cultural Council Representative
  • Moala Kitayimwba - DEI Task Force Representative
  • William Novakowski - Design Review Committee Representative
  • Beth Reynolds - Economic Development Advisory Committee Representative
  • Karen Coleman - Historical Commission Representative
  • Claire Goss - Library Trustee's Representative
  • Roberta Soolman -  Open Space and Recreation Representative
  • Mike Caira - School Committee Representative
  • Cara Hulme - Town Forest Committee Representative
  • Tony Lewis - Upper Charles Committee Representative
  • Nathan Band - Zoning Board of Appeals Representative
  • Kortni Wroten - Precinct One Representative
  • Leah Suarez - Precinct Two Representative
  • David Evancho - Precinct Three Representative
  • Aroon Manoharan - Precinct Four Representative
  • Rajashreee Ghosh - Precinct Five Representative
  • Lisa Churchill - Precinct Six Representative
  • Hasini Reddy - Ashland High School Representative