Scenic Roads

The Town of Ashland has designated 16 roads as Scenic Roads because of their rural, natural, historic and scenic character. 

Town of Ashland By-Law 

To maintain the beauty and character of Scenic Roads, trees and stone walls within the right-of-way may not be altered without first following the procedures set forth in the Scenic Road by-law, including a public hearing with the Planning Board. 

You can read the full Scenic Road By-Law here

 Designation of a Scenic Road 

To determine which roads or portions of roads may be recommended to Town Meeting for designation as Scenic Roads, the  following criteria are evaluated: 

  • Overall scenic beauty 
  • Contribution of trees to scenic beauty
  • Contribution of stone walls to scenic beauty
  • Age and historic significance of roads, trees, and stone walls 
  • Built features such as historic buildings, historic monuments, historical burial grounds, historic structures, farm buildings and fencing
  • Road features such as historic layout, surface, carriage width, use restrictions, and non-historic bridges.


Ashland Scenic Roads 

  • Cedar Street (entire length)
  • Cherry Street
  • Chestnut Street (from Main Street to Holliston town line)
  • Concord Street
  • Cross Street
  • Eliot  Street
  • Fountain Street
  • Frankland Road
  • Green Street
  • High Street 
  • Howe Street (from Boulder Hill Lane to Town line)
  • Main Street
  • Myrtle Street
  • Olive Street
  • Spring Street 
  • Water Street
  • Winter Street

If you are looking for a Scenic Road Permit you can find it here.

If you have further questions, please contact Peter Matchak (Town Planner) or Alvaro Esparza (Assistant Town Planner) with any questions at 508-881-0100 ext. 7930