Public Works: Projects and Info

*  Small Bridge Grant (Concord St. and Cross St.)

Award:  $120,000 (2019)
Scope of Work:  Mill and resurfacing, guardrail upgrade, and 
    cleanup shoulder.  

Our intentions are to do the bulk of the work using Town Forces other than the guardrail work.

*  Complete Streets (see Complete Streets page)
*  Cracksealing
*  Downtown Streetscape 
*  Pond Street Reconstruction
*  Waverly Street Water Main Replacement (Engineering Phase)
*  Cedar Street Sidewalk / Water Main Replacement (Engineering Phase)
*  Wesson Road Water Main Replacement
*  Cordaville Road Bridge Replacement (wish list)
*  Main Street Bridge over Cold Spring Brook (wish list)
*  MWRA Supplemental Water 
*  Summer Street Water Main Replacement

Questions & Comments

Please send any questions or comments by email to the Ashland DPW.