Rubbish & Recycling

Where do recycled items go?
All recyclables are collected in Ashland and hauled to a sorting center. The process may vary from one facility to another, but each Materials Recovery Facility has one goal: to separate and recycle different materials so they can be made into new products. The costs for the sorting process will go up as we face many challenges - Click here to read about why the costs go up.

Hence it is important to not contaminate your recycling materials with garbage. It is very important to follow the instructions on the lids of the Town's recycling carts and in the charts that are mailed out every year.

What can I do with Clothing, Shoes and Home goods?
Town of Ashland is excited to provide this new program in addition to our current recycling program. Curbside pickup of Clothing, Shoes and Home Goods for recycling.
Click here for more details about Simple Recycling!

What's Recyclable and What's not?

Recycling-Contaminants - WM1

When is my Trash pickup day?

Ashland runs a 4-day trash week. Tuesday through Friday, which means that the schedule never changes following a Monday holiday. If there are weather related changes, it shall be posted on our website. Subscribe to our newsflashes by clicking 'Notify Me' at the homepage

Click here to see what streets are covered on what days for Trash pickup.

Waste Reduction Program

The Waste Reduction Program is intended to reduce solid waste management costs for households and the town and increase recycling. The Town of Ashland has contracted with Waste Management Inc. to provide curbside rubbish and recycling pickup for residents. The system is based upon the "Pay as you Throw" concept. The more you recycle the lower your costs will be. Click here for more program information.

New Phone Number

The telephone number for contacting Waste Management for scheduling a bulk item pickup is 800-972-4545

Pay-As-You-Throw Bags

Effective Monday, February 1st, 2010 the cost of the Town of Ashland official Pay-As-You-Throw orange trash bags will be as follows:
  • Small bags (14 gallon) will be $5.25 per roll of 5 bags.
  • Large bags (33 gallon) will be $9 per roll of 5 bags.
Each household pays a yearly base fee of $146. Senior citizens age 65 and over can pay $78. For senior citizens age 65 or over, please complete and submit this form and you would be billed accordingly only after the approval of the Abatement Application. The online Abatement form is available here.

Other Trash Bags

Other trash will only be picked up if placed in official Town of Ashland bags. These bags are available at many locations in town (for e.g. Grocery stores). They are available for purchase in rolls of 5 in either 33-gallon size or 14-gallon size. You will still have the ability to dispose of white goods and bulky waste at no extra cost. Hard to dispose of items such as construction materials may seek alternatives such as special rates or off-site disposal alternatives.

Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection-Ashland 

Click here for more information about the FY 2019 Annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection.

The Town of Ashland works with six other local towns (Franklin, Holliston, Medfield, Norfolk, Sherborn and Walpole) to facilitate the safe and sustainable disposal of Household Hazardous Waste. Each town has designated days when residents can bring in their household hazardous waste items for disposal. Click here to view other town dates and information.

Each of the towns have slightly different restrictions, household hazardous waste typically falls into five categories: automotive, cleaning and polishing, paint and related solvents, pesticides, and miscellaneous items (batteries, fingernail polish remover, some cosmetics, shoe polish, etc.). Ashland residents are advised to check that particular town website listed to check if and when a hazardous waste collection day has been scheduled. Please note, that you may need a permission slip from our personnel to attend the participating town's waste collection day. Contact DPW at 508-532-7943.

Special Notes

  • Ashland continues to offer scheduled collections for yard waste and Christmas trees.
  • Drop-off recycling for electronics, paints, motor oil and other materials will also continue.
  • Recycling pick-up is done on a weekly basis. Click here to view a video of a recycling processing center. Note - As of July 2016, per the regulations of the processing plant - Please do not bag your recycling. All recycling should be loose in your recycling bins/barrels. Keep all plastic bags out of your recycling.
  • All recycling of corrugated cardboard will be done at curbside.

Recycling Drop Off

  • 1st Saturday of every month
  • 9 a.m. - Noon
  • Department of Public Works
    20 Ponderosa Road
    Ashland, MA 01721
The following items may be collected:
  • Used motor-oil
  • Oil-base paints/stains
  • Fluorescent light bulbs (including CFLs)
  • Rechargeable and button batteries and contained Mercury (including old thermometers and thermostats)
The collection takes place outside, behind the red salt shed....not inside the DPW building/garage.