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*The Permitting Portal has been temporarily suspended due to technical issues.   Paper permits are available  in the Building Department Office at the Town Hall, Second Floor.



Additionally, in accordance with State guidance, Covid-19 Guidelines and Procedures for all Construction Sites are requiring all Building Permit Applicants to complete a Covid-19 Compliance Certification. Please find that LINK HERE

All construction sites with three or more workers on-site are required to develop and submit the following material as well as a Daily Covid-19 Compliance Certification for the continuation of construction activity. Please find that LINK HERE.  

The full Covid-19 Construction Protocols Letter may be found HERE.

Thank you for your cooperation, please call the Building Department with any questions. 


    ***ADVISORY BULLETIN***      
March 26, 2020
RE: Inspections for open building permits
To: Permit holders

To whom it may concern:

Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the Ashland Building Department will be closed physically to in-person visit but will continue inspection services on a case-by-case basis. While we understand that this unprecedented event is a major disruption to all construction operations, we cannot risk exposure to the public or staff by in-person contact. Therefore, the following inspection policies will be effective immediately:

● The Building Department inspection staff will be accessible by email and voicemail to answer all questions regarding inspections and each case or request for inspection will be handled according to what phase of construction a particular project is in.  

● Emergency responses for inspections such as fire, flood, fuel gas leaks, electrical or unsafe structures will be responded to immediately through dispatch or 911. 

● Because there are certain life safety inspections that are mandated by code and statute, such as plumbing and fuel gas rough inspection and wiring inspection, that portion of a project (in wall inspection) may need to remain open until the plumbing or wiring Inspector resumes inspection, or can be verified for compliance by alternate means. You may contact the Plumbing Inspector and Wiring Inspector by email or phone call and leave a voicemail to get specific information on each inspection request and each will be responded to accordingly. 

 For residential remodeling projects, all required rough plumbing, wiring, fuel gas, and any other in-wall or above ceiling rough inspection must be signed off in writing by the Plumbing and Wiring Inspectors prior to contacting the building inspector by email or phone call who will then provide instruction or guidance on a case-by-case basis. 

Residential 1- 4 family new construction rough inspection will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please ensure all respective in-wall plumbing, wiring and fuel gas inspections are complete before contacting the building inspector.  

● Notwithstanding any of the above, all projects greater than 35,000 cubic feet subject to construction control, may follow the guidelines in 780 CMR Section 107.6.4 which includes photo images, field reports and progress control affidavits that are available on the Office of Public Safety website. Plumbing, Fuel Gas and Wiring inspections must stay open and visible unless otherwise signed off or approved by the Plumbing and Wiring Inspectors by email notification or other means. Please contact the building inspector after all required mechanical in-wall inspections are complete to request a rough frame inspection. 

● Because final inspections must be done in-person and on-site, there will be no final inspections performed on any project unless that project involves a real estate transaction or where a certificate of occupancy is required. For those inspections, the building or space must be free of occupants with the exception of the person in charge at the time of the scheduled inspection. All final plumbing, fuel gas, wiring, Fire Department and any other inspections (by whatever means are required by those inspectors) must be complete before the final building inspection is scheduled. Please scan and email all pertinent information on final required inspection sign-off before contacting the building inspector. Each final inspection request will be assessed and determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the level of priority as determined by the Building Department. 

Please be advised that these directives are merely a guideline to help continue construction inspection operations as efficiently as possible while minimizing risk to Town inspection staff and the general public. This temporary policy is subject to change without notice as new information becomes available. We appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times and we hope to continue to provide the required inspection service with minimal disruption. Thank you. 

Email Contact Information:

Ro Porter-Administrative Assistant: / 508-881-0100 x 7123

Chuck Dabritz-Plumbing & Gas Inspector: / 774-248-4383

Steve Curtis-Wiring Inspector: / 508-881-0100  

The mission of the Inspectional Services Department is to ensure that Ashland’s built environment is a safe place for all.  

We ensure this through enforcement of compliance with all Local, State and Federal Rules and Regulations and perform Electrical, Plumbing & Gas and Building inspections.  

High-quality service is our primary goal.  If you are planning to apply for a permit, visit our Building Permit Portal on the left-hand side of this page.  You can also visit us on the 2nd floor of Town Hall or call the department with any questions you may have about your project and permits.