Septic & Well

How often should I pump out my septic system? 

Regular maintenance is the most important thing in making sure your septic system works well. Regular pumping helps prevent solids from escaping into the drainfield and clogging soil pores. While pumping frequency is a function of use, MassDEP recommends that systems be pumped at least once every three years for homes not having a garbage disposal. If the home's system has a garbage disposal, it should be pumped every year. 

Failing Septic Systems Can Be Hazardous to Your Health. Septic systems that have been properly maintained helps prevent the spread of disease. Failing systems can cause a serious health threat to your family and neighbors, degrade the environment, especially lakes, streams and groundwater, reduce the value of your property, be very expensive to repair, and put thousands of water supply users at risk if you live in a public water supply watershed and fail to maintain your system. Be alert to these warning signs of a failing system: sewage surfacing over the drainfield (especially after storms), sewage back-ups in the house, lush, green growth over the drainfield, slow draining toilets or drains, sewage odors.