Stormwater Advisory Committee

The Stormwater Advisory Committee is responsible for researching financial mechanisms to fund the small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) permit.  This is a federal permit mandated by the Clean Water Act.   The Environmental Protection Agency administers the Clean Water Act. The MS4 permit is a type of permit under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. 

The MS4 permits authorizes the storm systems of municipalities for certain discharges.  For further information please follow the link above. 

What is Stormwater and how is it different from Sewage systems?
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Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions about the NPDES / MS4 permit. Please note that this is a working document and may have more updates based on answers to additional questions.

To review resources and information provided by EPA for work to be done by all MS4 regulated towns, click here.

Click here for the news release from EPA regarding stormwater permit in May 2018.

Massachusetts Fact sheet surrounding this permit is posted. Click here.

Towns and MS4 communities are required to follow regulations for the 5 year permit term. Here is what is coming up soon (Year 1).

MS4 Annual Reports

Committee Members

  • Evan White
    Ex-officio Indefinite Term
    Appointed by Select Board
  • Maeghan Dos Anjos
    Ex-officio Indefinite Term
    Appointed by Select Board
  • Brian McGrattan, Clerk
    Term expires 8/31/23
    Appointed by Select Board

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  • Jeanne M. Walker, Chair
    Term Expires 8/31/21
    Appointed by Select Board
  • Vacant
    Term Expires 8/31/22
    Appointed by Select Board
  • Edward "Ned Breed
    Term Expires 8/31/22
    Appointed by Select Board
  • Leah Lester, Vice Chair      
    Term Expires 8/31/23            Appointed by Select Board