Property Tax Exemptions

The Assessing Department has a major responsibility in issuing property tax exemptions to eligible property owners in Ashland. By State law, certain taxpayers are allowed Exemptions on their tax bills. Exemptions are reductions (abatements) to real estate tax bills and are allowed only to those who qualify: primarily the elderly, the blind, veterans, widows and widowers. In order to receive an exemption, however, property owners must apply at the Assessing Department and show certain documentation depending on the type of exemption. As long as the applicant meets the requirements set forth through Mass. General Laws, then the Board of Assessors must grant the exemption.

The Assessing Department is completely dedicated to serving the residents of Ashland when it comes to exemptions. The staff members will take the time to ensure confidentiality in qualifying potential recipients and treat them with utmost respect. Continued education and training in qualifying residents has always been a priority for this department so that it may provide a high level of awareness and commitment to the residents of Ashland.

The Assessing Department also offers a CPA Low-Income Tax Exemption to those that qualify.

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