2012 Runners

Congrats to the runners for each running 26.2 miles and raising $2,500 each.
Boston Athletic Association - Boston Marathon - April 16, 2012
Chuck Genarri
My name is Chuck Gennari. I have lived in Southborough Mass with my wife and two children (who are now away at college) for almost 14 years. I am a Metrowest native that returned to the area after spending almost 15 years in the SF Bay area. I am self employed as a contract CFO working with small, growing companies. This is my first marathon and it is something I have always wanted to accomplish...and doing it while at the same time helping the city of Ashland support their community programs and social services is an added bonus...so thank you in advance for your generous donation.
Chuck Gennari
Jill Behr-Medved
Hi! I live in Rochester, NY with my husband, a skier/runner. We have a 26 year old son and a 22 year old daughter, who also runs. I have been running marathons since 1981. I have always dreamed of qualifying for the Boston Marathon and finally accomplished this goal during my 10th marathon (in the photo attached) in November 2010, at the age of 53, for my upcoming age group of 55. Even though qualifying by a mere 22 seconds would have gotten me to the Boston starting line any other year, this past year the BAA changed their registration process.
Jill Behr-Medved
I even ran 3 additional marathons (and one 50K ultramarathon) in an attempt to better my qualifying time, but to no avail. Unfortunately, during registration week, the 2012 race filled up with faster qualifiers and there wasn't enough room for me. B.A.A. also made the qualifying times 5 minutes harder for all age groups beginning in 2013.

You can imagine my disappointment. Hope was renewed when I discovered that Team Ashland was looking for runners to help raise funds for the many worthwhile and charitable programs in Ashland. I am so grateful for this opportunity and it is my genuine privilege to "adopt" Ashland as my "heart"town this winter/spring and do whatever I can to help in this effort. If you would like to join me, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
Sharon Ames
My name is Sharon Ames. As an Ashland resident for the last 21 years, my husband Bill and our 3 children, Jake (17), Halley (17) and Benny (11), have watched the Marathon go by and I have thought that this is a challenge I would like to take on. I now have several half marathons under my belt as well as a 16 mile race (which seemed all up hill). This is the year!
Sharon Ames
I work in the schools here in Ashland and would like to continue to help by raising money that can accessed by all of our residents. Money to support the schools can be used in any of the academic departments to purchase materials that will enrich the classroom. Teachers within our community are excited about this effort. Please join us to help me to raise money for our great town here on the Boston Marathon route.
Tom Reilly
Top donator picks my race-day beard color! I ran my first (and only) marathon in Richmond, Virginia, in 2002. After the race, I supposedly said I’d run a marathon every 10 years and now that’s come back to haunt me…big time. I also turn 40 this year and I’m trying to convince myself that running another marathon will make me feel young again.
Tom Reilly
What could possibly be a better 40th birthday present than a space blanket at the finish line of the world-famous Boston Marathon? Well, a lot of things I’m sure, but work with me here folks!

I’ve lived in Ashland for five years with my wife, Emily, and our two daughters, Meredith (6) and Phoebe (3), and I’m excited to be able to support the town’s services by fundraising for the marathon. Ashland offers families a great place to raise their kids, and I know the money I raise will benefit my kids, their friends, and everyone in our community-I couldn’t think of a better cause to support. Thank you!
Additional Runners
  • Renee Gaffney
  • Danielle Bennett

  • Jeff Rushton
  • Jerry Gomez