Economic Development Department

The mission of the Economic Development department is to encourage, promote, and support growth and development within the town.  

What this means... For Ashland this means a focus on retaining and attracting businesses that will expand and strengthen the business community while preserving the character and charm of Ashland.    

What we do... In order to encourage continued development in the Town of Ashland, the economic development department has created organizational structures and processes to effectively support economic development initiatives that will enable businesses to grow and prosper.    

Relationship building... Supporting the existing business community in Ashland is as important as recruiting new development.  Fostering relationships with business owners, realtors, developers and land owners is a primary focus of the director.    

What is success...  A successful economic development program consists of having a skilled workforce, a receptive business climate, and a high quality of life for residents, workers and their families. ‘Quality of life’ includes housing options, a strong school system, public safety, a healthy environment and the presence of recreation and culture-related activities.    

What we are... Ashland is an exciting, growing and innovative town to live, work, and visit; it represents the best that the MetroWest region has to offer for business, leisure, and life.

Economic Development Advisory Group

The Economic Development Advisory Group serves in an advisory capacity to provide recommendations that adhere to the town’s overall strategic plan.  The group will help be the voice to educate residents on the importance of economic development. It will work proactively to encourage existing businesses to continue doing business in Ashland as well as work to attract new businesses via marketing strategies and outreach.  The group will look for ways to stimulate overall economic activity within town.

Current Members  
Garrett Quinn - Realtor for SVN/Parsons Commercial Group
Alan MacIntosh - Owner of Doragon Collective, Ashland and a Resident of Ashland
Pam Bathen - Realtor for Oak Realty, Ashland and a Resident of Ashland
Dennis Ahern - Owner of ATR Insurance, Ashland
Julia Chase - Resident