Rodrigo DeLima



My name is Rodrigo DeLima, I’m married and we have two boys, a 5 year old and 18 months old. Since I moved to Massachusetts 18 years ago every year I would hear people talking about the Boston Marathon, watching on tv all the runners and families getting together in Framingham to watch them passing by on route 135 as I was standing there something was building inside of me, the desire that one day it could be me running a Marathon.

After all these years I’m having the opportunity to run Boston Marathon 2018 and finally my dream is becoming true.

I want to be an inspiration to many but especially to my kids that one day will face a desire in their lives and I want to be there to guide them in whatever they want to accomplish in life.

I generously ask you to consider and help me to raise money to this amazing Town of Ashland so they could help the community that I learned to love.

It’s a honor to be able to give back to our community and support our Town of Ashland through this fundraising and reach out various charities supported by the Town.

Thank you in advance for your donations,

Rodrigo DeLima