Supplemental Water Supply

The Town's journey to securing a supplemental water supply is well underway.  It has been a very long and tedious process, but it will be well worth it at the end.  It will secure a second water source to supplement our primary water source to ensure Ashland has adequate fire protection and drinking water and avoid a crisis.  This is not only for today, it is for the future of Ashland for many years to come.

This journey of ours started back in 2007 when the wells almost ran dry.  Since then, we have put in place bylaws to ensure outdoor watering is limited.  Ashland is well aware of how precious water is.  

Accomplishment so far in this mission -

1.  Town Meeting approved becoming a part of the MWRA;

2.  IMA put in place with the Town of Southborough and the Town of Ashland;

3.  MEPA Certification approved;

4.  Environmental Impact Report produced and published;

5.  System design of Southborough Water system 90% complete;

6.  Oregon Road water main replaced and upgraded;

Next steps -

1.  Water Resource Commission will vote on whether or not to approve the Interbasin Transfer - Fall 2018

2.  DEP Permit approval;

3.  MWRA OP-10 approval;

4.  Southborough system upgrades;

It is not over yet - but we are making great progress!