Supplemental Water Supply

On January 6, 2022, Ashland and the MWRA executed an agreement where as the MWRA shall supply drinking water to the Town of Ashland.  

During the Spring of 2022, the construction of the Ashland/Southborough water connection was completed.  

The Town’s journey to secure a supplemental water supply has been completed.  

It has been a very long and tedious process.  This undertaken was not only for today, it is is for the future of Ashland for many years to come.

This journey of ours started back in 2007 when the wells almost ran dry.  Since then, we have put in place bylaws to ensure outdoor watering is limited.  Ashland is well aware of how precious water is.  

Accomplishment so far in this mission -

1.  Town Meeting approved becoming a part of the MWRA;

2.  IMA put in place with the Town of Southborough and the Town of Ashland;

3.  MEPA Certification approved;

4.  Environmental Impact Report produced and published;

5.  System design of Southborough Water system 90% complete;

6.  Oregon Road water main replaced and upgraded;

7.  Water Resources approved the Interbasin Transfer - October 11, 2018;

8.  MADEP (Central Mass) approved permit application for system upgrades in Southborough - January 11, 2019;

9.  Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) approved by the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs - June 29, 2018;

10.  Southborough Water System Upgrade Complete - April 2019;

11.  Project Advertised - Bids Due: June 12, 2019;

12.  MADEP (Northeast Region) - Permit TBA;

13.  Draft Emergency Response Plan and Drought Plan submitted to the Water Resources Commission - April 2019;

14.  June 19, 2019 - Bids received, low bid $1,720,931 from Barbato Construction Co., Inc.  including filed sub-bid (Electric Sub-Bid:  $589,756 Ewing Electric Co. Inc.)

15.  July 16, 2019:  Ashland/Southborough Interconnection Project Awarded to Barbato;

16.  Nov. 30, 2019 - Legislative Approval

17.  December 16, 2020 - Ashland voted in as a member of the MWRA as a water customer by the MWRA Advisory Board and the MWRA Executive Board approved 

18.  July 12, 2021 - MassDEP final approval granted.

19.  January 6, 2022 - Ashland/MWRA Water Supply Agreement Executed.

20.  Spring 2022 - Approval and Construction Compete!