Robert Nutting

Hi my name is Bob Nutting, I’m so excited to have an opportunity to run the 2019 Boston Marathon to represent my beloved hometown Ashland. This is where my father built our family house in the early 60s that holds a lot of memories for myself and my kids. Being able to represent that is a very proud moment for me. One of my fondest memory as a kid was walking downtown every Patriots’ Day to watch the thousands of runners. Being able to watch these determined runners gave me that drive to run and as a father of four young adults my hope is
to share my passion with them.
I have been running for almost 30 years and I have completed 30 marathons the 2019 Boston marathon will be my first Patriots Day marathon. My longing dream is to have that feeling of that final right on Hereford and that left on Comm ave into a roaring crowd and then to finally cross that finish line at Boston will ultimately be the biggest highlight of my running career. The town of Ashland has impacted my life and I look forward to giving back to the town of Ashland by raising funds for the many charitable organizations