Business Incentive Programs

Sign and Facade Improvement Program

The Sign & Facade Program was established to provide technical and financial assistance to Ashland businesses making external improvements to their establishments. This program matches up to half of the project's cost or $5,000 (whichever is less) for facade and/or sign improvements with town funding through the Ashland Economic Development Incentive Program. In doing so, the Town seeks to promote local merchants and enhance the physical appearance of Ashland.

Examples of exterior improvements that are eligible under this program include:  

  • Accessibility improvements (i.e. handicapped accessible ramps) 
  • Exterior signs  
  • Awnings  
  • Lighting energy conservation for windows & doors 
  • Painting  
  • Surface Parking lots
  • Planters and landscaping
  • Correction of Code   
  • Program funds may not be used for improvements to the interior of the business or to sidewalks or public walkways. 

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Amenities Financing Program 

The amenities financing program was established to provide financial assistance to new or expanding business owners in Ashland. The amenities financing program offers rental and equipment expense reimbursements to amenity businesses that are looking to open or expand in Ashland. The rental assistance option reimburses new businesses for their first year of rent (up to $10,000) and the equipment reimbursement covers 50% of their initial equipment costs (up to $10,000). The whole program is valued at $20,000 for each new business that chooses Ashland to start their business. Funding for an additional $20,000 for rental and/or equipment costs is available to a business that meets special criteria which demonstrates a significant economic benefit to the town.

Target Businesses

  • Breweries/Restaurants
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Professional Services

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Interest Free Loan Financing Program

The Interest Free loan fund allows companies to secure interest free financing for up to 2 years when banking with Needham Bank. The funds are provided through a partnership between the Town of Ashland and Needham Bank and are used exclusively for the development and expansion of businesses in Ashland.

The Interest Free Financing funds can be used towards:

•             Leasehold improvements
•             Operating capital
•             Acquisition of land and buildings
•             New construction
•             Façade and building renovation
•             Landscape and property improvements
•             Machinery and equipment purchases
•             Soft cost expenses related to real estate development

The Interest Free Financing funds will be open to target businesses such as:

•             Breweries/Restaurants
•             Manufacturing
•             Medical
•             Engineering
•             Professional Services

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For additional information or questions regarding the Business Incentive Programs contact Beth Reynolds, Economic Development Director at 508-532-7905 or