Valentine Property Committee

The Committee will assist the town in identifying both proper and feasible reuse of the Valentine property by soliciting and reviewing proposals from interested parties.


The Select Board appointed the following members to the committee.  Appointments will expire at the completion of the project.

  • Michael Herbert, Town Manager
  • David Foster, Project Manager, Chair
  • Judith Eneguess
  • Margy Gassel
  • Scott Lubell, Clerk
  • Cedrik Bacon
  • Susan Schare
  • Myles McConnon
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

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The Valentine Property

The Valentine Property Committee has been hard at work over the last year trying to find the perfect fit for the future of the Valentine Property located at 133 West Union Street. After investigating and hearing presentations from similar projects in neighboring communities, the Committee developed a list of ideas and uses for this unique, historic property. This includes, but is not limited to, a performance space, a farm-to-table homestead and restaurant, a bed-and-breakfast, and a community farm. After costing out alternatives, these plans are prohibitively expensive for the Town of Ashland to do alone, as just restoring the property structurally would be a multi-million dollar endeavor.

The Valentine Property Committee collectively decided that the next best option is to try and put together a public/private partnership, hopefully joining with the not-for-profit or for-profit sectors to create a viable and self-sustaining community asset. The town has since created and a request for proposals (RFP) to see if there is any interest from outside entities to help develop that partnership. 

The property itself consists of 7.67 acres, a historic barn, and a residence located at 133 West Union Street, Ashland MA. The Town is hopeful that someone will step forward to bring life back to the historic Valentine Barn, a 21/2 story gable front barn which was built in the 1750s and moved to the property during the early to mid-1800s. The original beauty of the barn remains and could serve many different functions. The Valentine Residence is a 19th century Colonial.  14 rooms, 8 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and 4 fireplaces could serve as a lovely B&B or home for a caretaker.

It is situated on Route 135 which connects the network of cities and towns throughout MetroWest. Ashland is the heart of MetroWest; it is 30 minutes from Boston and 30 minutes from Worcester. 

The Valentine property holds much promise and we look forward to partnering with someone who shares the community vision of bringing life back into this site while preserving its rich history

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If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this property, please submit your bid here