Roadway Traffic Safety Committee

The Roadway Traffic Safety Committee is a group formed by the Select Board.  This committee is a fielding house for all issues relating to the roadways and safety in the Town of Ashland.  To have a concerned reviewed by the committee please send an email including your contact information.  The committee will review any roadway safety concerns which may include a traffic study or analysis of the situation.  After review the committee will made a recommendation to the Select Board.

The committee is made up of a member of the Police Department, Fire Department, Department of Public Works, Planning Board or Town Planner, Select Board Member and 2 residents.

Committee Members

Michael Duca, Resident, Term Expires 8/31/25
Joe Magnani, Select Board Mem Term Expires 8/31/24
Donna Walsh, Resident, Term Expires 8/31/26

Doug Small, DPW Representative
Chief Keith Robie, Fire Department Representative
Peter Matchak, Planning Department Representative
Lt. Richard Briggs, Police Department Representative

Contact the committee: