Sustainable Ashland 

The Sustainability Office is committed to developing policies and pursuing opportunities to make Ashland a livable and thriving community for all residents.

Our mission is to help enhance the quality of life in Ashland by addressing contributors of climate change and creating opportunities to create a safe and healthy future for people and our natural resources.  

In working to achieve our mission, the Sustainability Office is responsible for the coordination and implementation of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support renewable energy and energy efficiency, reduce waste, promote resiliency, and provide resources on sustainability best practices to residents and businesses.

Sustainable Ashland is a team effort driven by Town departments, the Sustainability Committee, volunteers, businesses, State agencies, and consultants 

Projects and Initiatives

The Towns of Ashland and Holliston have just released an innovative curbside food waste compost initiative for residents! 

Ashland has a robust history of sustainability initiatives. In November 2019, the Select Board approved an ambitious Net Zero Resolution committing to achieving Town-wide greenhouse gas emissions of net zero by the year 2040. By signing this Resolution, Ashland has joined the dozens of Municipalities across the Commonwealth which have recognized the need for emissions reductions by embarking upon the path to Net Zero.

  1. Frank Nakashian

    Sustainability Coordinator