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Friday, May 15 


Grieving the Intangibles: It is easy to recognize that people grieve for the loss of a loved one or colleague or other tangible item.  What can often be overlooked are the intangibles that also may be lost such as a sense of safety, or loss of sense of control of the situation or one’s reactions to it. 

Tuesday, May 19 


Shifting Our Mindsets: How we frame and think about things shapes the narrative of our experience.  Creating new ways to consider information, exploring possibilities and moving forward with a sense of promise will help create a better next chapter.

Wednesday, May 20 


Embracing Stress: The New Science of Stress: You can’t open a newspaper, magazine or web page without seeing messages that stress is bad for your health. It’s accused of causing heart disease, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. But what if that is not the case? What if stress makes you smarter, stronger, happier, and more resilient? What if stress is just like a muscle and the more you use it, the better it becomes? The latest science finds that it is not the stressor we experience that makes us sick, but our stress mindset. Rather than trying to reduce, avoid or escape our stress, understanding and embracing it may be the secret to resilience and longevity. Attend this seminar to learn about the latest science and strategies regarding stress. 

Thursday, May 21 


A Personal Approach to Designing a Safe & Ergonomic Workstation at Home: In this webinar designed especially for those working from home currently, Bill Hoover will demonstrate ergonomic best practices for sitting at a computer as well as taking participants through a series of live exercises designed to relieve the tension of sitting for long periods. He will also demonstrate the safest ways to lift and reach.  

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  • Microsoft: Tutorials and training are available for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels

  • Training in various software

  • Training in Microsoft Excel; you need to set up a FREE account to access this training which will allow you to save your progress and obtain a certificate of completion

  • Training in Microsoft Word; you need to set up a FREE account to access this training which will allow you to save your progress and obtain a certificate of completion

  • MIIA free onsite and online training programs help members keep up with municipal best practices in Leadership/Management, Safety/Technical, and Driver Training EVOC.

  • MIIA Well Aware offers wellness activities focus on controllable areas of life: diet, movement, emotional well-being, sleep, smoking, social relationships, self-care and using the health care system wisely.