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Thursday    12/10  

The Science of Relationships: Using 4 Decades of Research to Help Create Healthy Relationships

Relational and social health has never been more important that right now, and this presentation will share proven methods that are critical for happy, healthy relationships. Participants will walk away with tools proven to remove obstacles that prevent us from having more empathy and understanding. These methods have been identified through 4 decades of research by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and they result in less conflicting verbal communications and increase intimacy, respect, and affection.


Thursday   12/17 

Coping with Stress and Anxiety- Practicing Self Care and Self Compassion

Although we are always dealing with stress both in our personal lives and our professional lives, this year has been a major test of our coping mechanisms. Municipal employees always seem to be working in a stressful environment. Even during the best of times both our spirit, along with our budgets, are stretched way too thin. With the holidays looming and the ongoing pandemic creating more uncertainty than ever, we can all use some tips in self-care both for ourselves and our families. 

If you recently attended a webinar on 11/12/20 facilitated by Cally Ritter, we hope you'll consider joining Cally again on 12/17/20, when she'll provide fresh content and experiential learning. During this webinar, participants will explore coping strategies, make personal reflections, and examine newer ideas on how to practice self-care and self-compassion.  

Tuesday   1/12/2021

The Healthy Employee, the Healthy Employer

We all know just how important health is. But, how often do we consider its key role in today's workplace? Employees benefit when they feel better - physically, emotionally - and employers reap the harvest of an engaged workforce. In this session we will look at how organizations can create a culture of wellness, from offering healthy food options to ensuring that there's effective workplace communication. We will consider how to get employee buy-in with health initiatives and look to make help wellness fun and exciting for all.

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  • Microsoft: Tutorials and training are available for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels

  • Training in various software

  • Training in Microsoft Excel; you need to set up a FREE account to access this training which will allow you to save your progress and obtain a certificate of completion

  • Training in Microsoft Word; you need to set up a FREE account to access this training which will allow you to save your progress and obtain a certificate of completion

  • MIIA free onsite and online training programs help members keep up with municipal best practices in Leadership/Management, Safety/Technical, and Driver Training EVOC.

  • MIIA Well Aware offers wellness activities focus on controllable areas of life: diet, movement, emotional well-being, sleep, smoking, social relationships, self-care and using the health care system wisely.