Curbside Composting Services

What is Compost?

A dark, crumbly, earthy material produced by the natural decomposition of organic materials.1 Food scraps and other organic materials can be converted to finished compost. This material is an excellent garden and lawn care fertilizer.

Why Compost?

When food waste is sent to landfills, the decomposition of the food generates methane, a greenhouse gas with a strong climate change potential. In addition, waste incinerators create air pollution by-products such as NOx and sulfur dioxide as well as CO2.  When food waste is composted, it leaves the conventional waste stream and can help sequester carbon when applied to soil. Adding compost back to soil also adds valuable organic matter back into the ground which makes the soil healthier. Composting food scraps also helps you save money by reducing the amount of trash you need to send out every week. 

Curbside Composting Pick-Up Services

Similarly to trash and recycling pickup, residents in Ashland can sign up for private subscription food scrap waste curbside pick up services. Curbside composting subscriptions are a great way to reduce the amount of food waste going into your trash while also offering the convenience of having a vendor take the food scraps away while still receiving the finished compost product after.

Residents simply leave bins filled with food scraps by the curb once a week and have the waste picked up by a company which composts the food scraps, often at an industrial scale. Many curbside pickup vendors allow more food products to be composted such as meats and cheeses, which is challenging to do for many people conducting home composting activities.

Curbside composting subscriptions also allow residents with limited space the ability to compost.

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