Downtown Revitalization

Main Street - Alternative A View
Front Street - Alternative B View

The Town of Ashland is revitalizing its downtown with the first refresh of our downtown area in decades.

The first phase was design. The Town engaged BSC to design and engineer a new streetscape for Main Street (between Water and Front Streets) and Front Street (between Main Street and Ashland Lumber). BSC looked to create a pedestrian-friendly corridor with improvements like ADA-compliant sidewalks, landscaping, benches, ornamental lighting, wayfinding, and placemaking elements. Public input was collected through public forums and a map-based survey, available here.

Currently, construction is beginning. The scope of the work includes resetting existing granite curb, installation of new granite curb, cement concrete sidewalk, cement concrete driveways, cement concrete wheelchair ramps, drainage improvements, new decorative lighting, traffic signals upgrades at the intersection of Main/Pleasant Street, Main/Front Street, the train crossing and Main/Homer/Summer Street and Main/Union Street, full-depth pavement reconstruction, installation of future underground infrastructure, landscaping, pavement mill and overlay, new pavement markings, signing and other miscellaneous items of work. Full plans and details are available below.

For up-to-date construction information, or to sign up for email updates, please visit the Department of Public Works.

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