Sylvie Chowdhry

I am extremely thankful for the Town of Ashland to give me the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon 2022 while giving me the chance to be part of helping our community. When going around in MA, we fall in Love with Ashland from the wonderful hike to a small town that takes pride in an excellent school system, to small businesses that work hard on providing wonderful products/services & a sense of belonging.

I am Running Boston Marathon 2022 to celebrate the life of my Love one and to bring back joy and create a new memories.

On Marathon Monday, April 2020, my life took a 360 Turn! Waking up and going to a normal morning run, how would I have started my day if I knew I will never see him again hours later.

The day ran his flow with a new normal remote Covid work day and meeting. But As true Bostonians, we were getting ready to celebrate our favorite day even if the event was Canceled. I never had a chance to say goodbye… but I am having a chance today to make him proud again. He was always so supportive of my crazy running challenges and always keep encouraging me that I could run Boston again.

You may know him walking Kasper every morning to the Ashland park, picking up his favorite Daragon Ramen, sweet talk at Wine Empire or at the farmer’s market. While others know him as a wonderful friend, food lover, passionate and dedicated. Where dreams have no limit !One of our favorite day was going to Lynn Shelter on Christmas morning to meet our friends, prep food, and try to share the love with others in need. He could not wait to go home every year and share great times, Love & food with family and home friends.Other known him as the most popular and amazing Marathon party on Newbury street for years!

If after reading my story you are calling your friends, family, or your person to share with them a kind word or tell them how much you love them, If you are living your life, like it may not be a tomorrow and every day count to create a splendid memory. Then, sharing my story with you and his life will have run his purpose.

Thank you so much for helping me to celebrate my loves one and for helping me to get to the starting line that will create new life memory.

Hemant, my running supporter 
Kasper, my running partner

I will meet you at mile 26.2


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