Jake Namiot

My name is Jake Namiot, and I ran my first Boston Marathon last October. This year, I’m proud to be running for the Town of Ashland. I’m currently a senior at the University of New Hampshire and a graduate of Ashland High School.

Growing up in Ashland, Patriots Days was always a celebration of the Marathon and the I spent many Marathon Mondays standing in front of the Clocktower, across from the old Dairy Queen, cheering on the runners. It was exciting to see the elite runners, but the dedication and persistence of the remaining waves of runners, including the heroic father/son team of Dick and Rick Hoyt were some of the most memorable moments of the years watching the race along Route 135.

I began running in 2019 shortly before the pandemic while I was at school in Durham. Setting my alarm, getting up early, and hitting the open road became a disciplined part of my workout routine and inspired me to use my running to promote and raise money for causes that were important to me.

Last year I ran the marathon in memory of friend and fellow Ashland resident P.J. Ferrier who passed away from Osteosarcoma in December 2018. While P.J. was fighting his illness, he discovered the mantra “Row the Boat”, created by University of Minnesota football coach, P.J. Fleck. “Row the Boat” is a never give up mantra that focuses on three principles; the energy you bring to your life - the oar, the sacrifices you are willing to make - the boat, and the direction of your life - the compass. The mantra perfectly encapsulates the marathon and resonates with me deeply. The race is far more than running 26.2 miles — it requires determination, unwavering commitment, and the support of community.

I have set a fundraising goal of $3,000 for Ashland’s Boston’s Athletic Association Grant Program. The program supports a range of community activities and groups, including youth athletics, Parkinson’s support groups, library funding, and the Ashland Emergency Fund. I look forward to running on Marathon Monday and giving back to the town where I grew up by raising money in memory of P.J.. No matter where life may take me after graduation, Ashland will always be my first home. All eyes on Boston—and thank you for helping me “Row the Boat” in memory of P.J. and for the Town of Ashland.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity,


Jake Namiot

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