Housing Production Plan

Housing Production Plan 2021

On May 19, 2021, Ashland's boards voted unanimously to adopt the updated HPP after a seven-month planning process that involved a comprehensive data analysis and public outreach for input on the plan recommendations. With an active HPP approved by the Commonwealth, Ashland will have greater control over new housing development and reap greater community benefits. The plan also helps Ashland retain a best practice that makes the town eligible to receive state grants. The final Plan, as well as videos of the public forums that were held during the update process, are linked below. Click here to access Ashland's story map, a visual exploration of the Plan.

For more information on the Housing Production Plan process or Inclusionary Zoning, please contact Peter Matchak, Town Planner, at pmatchak@ashlandmass.com or Emma Snellings, Assistant Town Planner, at esnellings@ashlandmass.com

Housing Production Plan Steering Committee

The Housing Production Plan Steering Committee is comprised of representative from various Town Boards and Committees. The Steering Committee shares information on housing in Ashland, provides input on plan components, assists with public outreach as directed by MAPC, and provides support at online public events.

  • Ron Etskovitz, Board of Health
  • Steve Greenberg, Affordable Housing Trust
  • Tricia Kendall, Planning Board
  • Brandi Kinsman, Select Board
  • Aaron Ladd, Community Preservation Committee
  • David Rosenblum, Affordable Housing Trust

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