Lindsey Sherman

Hi! I'm Lindsey Sherman, I live in nearby Northborough and teach 4th and 5th grade band in the Southborough Public Schools. After school I teach private music lessons, many of which bring me to the wonderful town of Ashland.

This will be my third marathon (Baystate 2013, Cape Cod 2016) and my first Boston! About 10 years ago I discovered the joy and rewards of running, and I am so thankful for the beauty, friendships, and confidence with which it has enriched my life. Aside from running, I enjoy hiking, making music, serving at my church, and drinking too many soy chai lattes.

My goal is to raise $3,000 for the Town of Ashland's Boston Athletic Association Grant Program. These funds support the local food pantry, families in need through the Ashland Emergency Fund, and programming for Ashland Youth and Families Services, Ashland Fire and Police, Ashland Public Library, and Ashland Senior Center. Anything you can give will be a huge encouragement both to me as I run and to the beneficiaries of the grants.

Click here to donate to my fundraiser. Thank you for your support!


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