Downtown Revitalization Project

After decades of conceptual ideas, Ashland's downtown renovation project kicked off in 2017 with a robust public planning process which included over 200 attendees at various forums and almost 1000 comments/questions/ideas on its Co-Urbanize page. Utilizing this input, the Town of Ashland contracted with BSC Group to complete both the 25% and 100% design submissions for changes to Main Street from Pine Hill Road to the intersection of Summer and Homer, as well as Front Street. The renovations are extensive and include practical and aesthetic changes such as enhanced drainage and traffic control, the burial of utility lines underground, new paving and sidewalks, decorative lighting, brick crosswalks, and the addition of street trees and vegetation into the natural landscape. 

The goals of the project are to create a safer, more attractive downtown that becomes a destination for residents and visitors alike. As the town starts to invest more into downtown, we will see a corresponding private investment and upgrades on private property.

All phases of the $14 million project are scheduled to be completed by early 2024. The first phase included, relining or replacing water mains on Main Street and Summer Street, the installation of all the underground utility work and the streetscape work (sidewalks, brick banding, streetlights, landscaping, paving). The second phase is for the utilities to install all of their equipment and lines underground and the connection of the buildings downtown to the underground utility infrastructure. And the final phase is the removal of the utility poles and punch list items. 

The project is being funded with a combination of both local and state funds.

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