Net Zero Resolution

Public review for the strategy to achieve Net Zero in Ashland by 2040

Climate change is affecting the entire world. It is up to all of us – every continent, country, state, city, and town – to make the necessary changes to address our environmental impact. The Net Zero plan is designed for the Ashland community to do its part and help support its residents with a more sustainable, healthy community. We have set 2040 as our net-zero target as a town and our hope is, this plan will help us achieve that goal. Please review and share your input with as we work to formalize this plan.

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The beginning of Net Zero in Ashland

Ashland has a robust history of sustainability initiatives. In November 2019 at Town Meeting, Ashland passed a  Net Zero Resolution committing to achieving Town-wide greenhouse gas emissions of net zero by the year 2040. By enacting this Resolution, Ashland has joined the dozens of Municipalities across the Commonwealth which have recognized the need for emissions reductions by embarking upon the path to Net Zero.