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August 26, 2020 4:30 PM


Per the MassDEP, Effective immediately, the current ban on non-essential water use shall remain in place for the duration of this Emergency Declaration. For purposes of this Emergency Declaration, the term “nonessential outside water use’ is defined to include those uses that do not have health or safety impacts, are not required by regulation, and are not needed to meet the core functions of a business or other organization. Ashland shall have the authority to enforce these regulations through the assessment of penalties for the imposition of fines.

Ashland is currently in the process of securing a temporary water connection with the MWRA and the Town of Southborough.

Non-Essential Outdoor Water Use per Ashland ByLaw Chapter 270:

i. Unattended watering using municipally-supplied water is prohibited

ii. Car washing: Car or vehicle washing using municipally-supplied water is prohibited.

iii. Washing of structures: Washing of structures including but not limited to buildings, houses, sheds, driveways, sidewalks, decks, fences, or patios using municipally supplied water is prohibited.

iv. Swimming Pools: Filling and topping off of swimming pools larger than 300 gallons, using municipally-supplied water is prohibited.

v. Handheld water using municipally-supplied water is prohibited.

The Town, acting through the Select Board as water commissioners, retains the right to impose additional restrictions with due notice to residents.

Please conserve water. The Water Operators will be issuing fines for illegal outdoor water usage per the Ashland bylaws.

For me information on the restrictions, please go to This will take you to Chapter 270 – Outdoor Water Use Restrictions located in Ashland’s bylaws.

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