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Posted on: August 22, 2019

Updated and Consolidated Information on Eastern Equine Encephilitis

Ashland is one of 17 communities in the area that have been placed in an increased risk level for Eastern Equine Encephalitis and as a result, the Mass Department of Agriculture and Resources will conduct aerial spraying in parts of Ashland. The aerial spraying is scheduled for Sunday evening, August 25, 2019 and will continue over several evenings in the communities that are part of this spraying. Each spraying occurrence will happen between the hours of 8 PM to 4:30 AM.

Additionally, in an effort to help consolidate and streamline the information related to Eastern Equine Encephilitis in the region, we have created a special section of the website with information related to EEE which includes links to:

1.  Precautionary measures residents can take to protect themselves from mosquitoes

2.  Actions that the town and state are taking to limit risk in Ashland and surrounding communities, and 

3.  Information about the aerial spraying program, including the chemical used, any known safety concerns, and dates and times of spraying as well as locations

We will also use this section of the website for information related to changes and cancellation of events, so please check back. The website is: 

 We ask that you share this information broadly in an effort to inform as many people as possible. For further information, please call the Ashland Board of Health at 508-881-0100 x7928

Michael Herbert, Town Manager