Vital Certificates

Obtaining Vital Certificates

Certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates are available for a fee. To request copies, please call our office at 508-881-0100, ext. 7127 to make your request and schedule an appointment. Let us know how many copies you need and have all of the appropriate information available. Or you may click here to order online.


There is a $10 fee per copy for each of the birth, death, or marriage certificates that you request. Please include a self addressed stamped envelope with your request if you would like your copies to be mailed to you.

Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are available for births from approximately 1846 to the present for any person born in the Town of Ashland or whose parents resided in Ashland when they were born. Please provide the full birth name and date of birth when making your request.

Death Certificates

Death certificates are available for deaths recorded from approximately 1846 to the present. The Town Clerk has records for any individual who died in Ashland or who resided in Ashland at the time of their death. Please provide the name of the deceased and date of death when making your request.

Marriage Certificates

Marriage certificates are available for records dated from approximately 1846 to the present. The Town Clerk has the records for couples that filed their marriage intention in Ashland. Please provide the date of the marriage and the full names of the people married when making your request.