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    3. Please note that current vacancies can be found by looking at "Volunteer Opportunities".  As vacancies become available we update the website to reflect the opening(s).   If you apply for groups that doesn't have an opening your Talent Bank Form will be shared with the chair of the group.  The Select Board, the appointing authority will be unable to appoint you if there is no vacancy.    Each committee or position has a different level of commitment and the Select Board requests that everyone attend a meeting or two prior to seeking appointment.  This allows you to understand what the group is working on and what the actual commitment would be.   Most committees meet on a regular schedule, typically once or twice a month in the evening. Committee chairs and or staff are happy to provide additional information or answer any questions you may have about a particular group.  

    4. Upon receipt, your Talent Bank Form will be reviewed and shared with the chair and the Select Board.  We will not be able to proceed if no matches exists between your request and our openings. Your application will be added to the list of volunteers who have expressed an interest in serving. We thank you for your interest in serving the Town of Ashland and returning this application.

      Please remember that all meetings are open to the public, so even if you are not a member it does not exclude you from getting involved.