Department of Public Works

Update:  3/31/20

Waste Management’s Call Center is back up and running (remotely) and ready to accept requests for Ashland residents that are enrolled in the town’s curbside trash & recycling pick-up program to schedule their 1 bulk item per month pick-up, as needed. 

Please call Waste Management at 800-972-4545.  Please be patient, the Waste Management Customer Service Representatives are working remotely and there’s a good chance you will encounter a period of waiting before a representative takes your call.

Update:  3/30/20


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the electronics recycling drop-off collection that is scheduled for Saturday, 4/4/2020 at the DPW is cancelled. 

The coinciding collection of oil-base paints/stains, used motor oil, fluorescent/CFL bulbs, contained mercury and rechargeable batteries is scheduled for this day is also cancelled.

Saturday, 6/6/2020 (9am-12noon) is the next scheduled date for electronics recycling.  

Saturday, 5/2/2020 (9am-12noon) is the next scheduled date for the collection of oil-base paints/stains, used motor oil, fluorescent/CFL bulbs, contained mercury and rechargeable batteries.

Town Trash Bags (3/26/20):

It is imperative that all trash that is being set-out for pickup be bagged and secured within your town of Ashland orange trash bags in order to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially the Waste Management drivers who have to handle it to put it into the truck for disposal.

Also, please remember that latex/rubber gloves, face masks, etc. are not recyclable and should never by place in your recycling cart/bin. It is very important that these materials be secured within your trash bags.

Thank you for doing your part.
DPW - Important Information 

Main Number (508) 881-0120
Fax:  (508) 881-0112

Email Address:
Even though the building is closed to the Public, basic services will continue.  The office staff is here to answer your questions and to discuss your concerns.  Please call or email us.      

Doug Small Director
(508) 532-7941

Roy Correia
Deputy Director
(508) 532-7964

Dan Maurer
W&S General Foreman
(508) 532-7954

Evan White
(508) 532-7961

David Miller
Rubbish & Recycling
(508) 532-7943


Cheryl Yancey
(508) 532-7952

Donna Musto
(508) 532-7951

Front Desk: 
Highway, Cemetery, Permits, Accounts Payable, and Athletic Fields

Patti Nardini
(508) 532-7940

Additional Information:

Water & Sewer Bills:  Quarterly Water & Sewer Bills are scheduled to go out on schedule.  You should see them in your mailbox sometime during the first week of May.  Contact Cheryl or Donna for more information.  

Online Bill Pay Service:

Billing inquiries:  Contact Cheryl or Donna.

Meter Replacement Program:  This program is on hold temporarily.  Contact Cheryl of Donna for more information.  

Closings (selling a house):  The W&S Department is open for closings.  Contact Cheryl or Donna to make an appointment.  

Permits:  Permitting is being handled one day to the next.  Contact Patti for more information.  Visit our website in order to download a permit.  The URL is the following:

Cemetery:  Contact Patti for more information.

Athletic Field Rentals:  Fields are temporarily closed.  Contact Patti for more information.  

Street sweeping and catch basin cleaning underway (Stormwater Program)

Rubbish and Recycling:  Bulky Item & White Goods Collection scheduling temporarily suspended: Effective March 18, 2020 - Waste Management is temporarily closing its residential call center in response to COVID-19.  As a result Bulky Item and White Good collections scheduling will be temporarily suspended until Waste Management is able to equip its call center staff with remote access – a process which is currently underway.  Please note that items already scheduled will be collected.  This change will not impact regular trash and recycling collection.  

Due to the State of Massachusettes Executive Order, effective March 24th, please be advised that ALL Simple Recycling collection operations in the state are temporarily suspended.  This will remain in effect until further notice.  Please DO NOT leave the pink SimpleRecycling bags with textile and household goods recycling at the curb.....they WILL NOT be collected.  When the collection suspension is lifted, notification will be sent.

Emergency Response:  The DPW is plugged in with Ashland Police and Fire as well as the Board of Health.  We are also in contact with Eversource quite frequently.  

If there is an emergency related to the DPW, call 911.  The Police Department is able to contact the DPW 24/7.

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Project work at Cherry Street
Project work at Cherry Street