100 Fountain Street Preliminary Subdivision Plan




The Ashland Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, March 17, 2022, at 7:15 PM via Zoom videoconference via https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86512646250?pwd=R1NKNG9yQ3M4WTdXTXh6bmNFZlRaQT09, to hear the petition of Sue Robertson and the Robertson Nominee Trust, requesting a Preliminary Subdivision Plan Approval per Chapter 41, Section 81K through 81GG of the Massachusetts General Law and Chapter 344 (Subdivision of Land) of the Ashland Bylaws. The applicant is seeking to create four (4) buildable lots. Two lots shall be accessed by a common driveway known as Highland Road. The additional two lots will be accessed through the extension of Ballard Road. The property in question is identified as Ballard Road, Marietta Road, Highland Road and 100 Fountain Street, Assessors Map 9 and 10, Lots 35, 199-207, 255 and 257 in the Residential A Zoning District.


Parties wishing to be heard on this matter should submit comments to the Planning Board ahead of time and/or appear at the time and place indicated above. Materials may be viewed at Town Hall during normal business hours, or at: https://www.ashlandmass.com/543/Current-Cases-Before-the-Planning-and-Zo . For more information or to submit comments, please contact Peter Matchak at (508) 532-7927 or at ashland.planningboard@ashlandmass.com.


Tricia Kendall, Chair

Ashland Planning Board